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Living Record
Online environmental recording  
Living Record makes it quick and easy for you to record the wildlife that you see.
It provides you with your own records system and access to a selection of distribution maps.
Records are reviewed and passed on to local record centres and to organisations working for conservation.
Your records form part of the big picture which is used nationally and locally to understand species distribution
and population trends, to identify key sites and to develop conservation plans.
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Verifiers can now add comments to your records...
Comments may ask for more information or suggest improvements your records. You can reply with your own comments.
See verification comments when your records are listed below the map. Find new comments using the Possible Issues page.
NEW - Site Visits
Use Site Visits to record the time on and off site, the time spent surveying and the conditions prevailing during the survey.
Add or choose a Site Visit in the yellow band above the Enter Records map.
When a Site Visit is selected, new records are automatically added to the visit.
    -> Records at multiple locations can all benefit from the details of the Site Visit and its survey conditions.
    -> Review your records for any Site Visit, with the option to download to Excel (use Review & Download).
Ideal for Reptile tins, Butterfly transects and other surveys where the results are dependent on survey effort and/or conditions.
Living Record excels as a conservation-support tool for organisations and groups responsible for the ecological management of land:
of sites, estates, farmer clusters, boroughs, landscape-scale conservation projects etc.
If you are involved with such an organisation, please Contact us to find out how we can help you.
Congratulations! Living Record passes 1,000,000 records!